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-% 2431 HM Κομψή ρόμπα υψηλήςποιότητας – Εκρού-Εκρού

2431 HM Κομψή ρόμπα υψηλήςποιότητας – Εκρού-Εκρού

Colour:EcruThe latest production line of the Hamana brand.Elegant and extremely comfortable bathrobe made of soft,high-quality fabric – a lawn.Lawn: cotton, linen, silk, or mixed fibers. Plain weave, it can be woven veryloosely, or more densely.Perfect for the hot weather, because of its lightness, breathability and als the typical cotton-cooling properties. Extremely gentle and pleasant to the skin. Thin, light, airy, soft.What do we love the lawn for? For transparency, for airiness, for a dull, slightly “milky” appearance, for a cool, soothing touch on the skin.

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